Welcome to Green Country Fox Trotting Horse Association of Oklahoma web page.

 Hard to believe 2015 is just about over.  It has certainly been a strange year even by Oklahoma standards.  Ever remember a December as warm as we have had?  One good thing about this year were the rains.  Hay is prevalent and pricing is down to reasonable.  

For those who did not make the Owasso parade and the annual meeting at the Hutchinson's you missed a good day.  Weather was great and no incidences reported at the parade. 

The meeting consisted of fine food and good people as always.  At the parade a new friend and now member was found.  Merry Lovelace was riding in the parade and conversation struck up and was commandeered and joined us at the Hutchinson's.  She has volunteered her services and has agreed to assemble a news letter for the group.  She was a member of the PPGHA and is an active trail rider.  She is a proud fox trotter owner and will certainly be an asset to the group.  So everyone, welcome Merry.

Elected officials were voted in for the 2016 term and remain the same as 2015.  Board members remain the same with the addition of Joe Jamison and Jack Arnold.  Destyn and Pam will be heading up the youth activities committee.  I will contact Kasey (Our secretary) and provide you with more details.

Buzzy (President) is setting up a meeting for January and I will give you an agenda, time and date, as I recieve it.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to one and all.  Am looking forward to a very productive and successful New Year.  May the Force be with us all.  




              This little filly was born 5/10/15.  Finally growing into those long legs.

Have been thinking of calling her "Mio" (Maid in Oklahoma). Anybody have any other suggestions I would be glad to entertain any and all before I send in her papers.  Thanks,  Van