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For those who may not know, there are 5 regions in the State of Oklahoma with Green Country officially designated as the Northeastern part of the state.

Some of our friends know us as Oklahoma Foxtrotters, Oklahoma Foxtrotting Horse Exhibitors Association or Green Country Fox Trotting Horse Association of Oklahoma.

Whatever you call us, we are here to provide a forum for discussion and network with fellow horsemen and horsewomen about gaited horses including use, care and enjoyment whether on the trail or in the show ring.  We are proud of our Youth Achievement Program and have mentored many youth during some 'horse crazy' years.  Most of us are no longer youth but still... horse crazy!

We do strive to make events structured, organized and safe.  Always we try to Have fun and still be safe.  If  you are looking for a good place and good people to ride your horse with, we welcome guests on our rides with member invitation.   This year we encourage dialog and communications among those interested in pleasure riding and these excellent smooth riding horses.

Foxtrotters are known for a smooth gait, wonderful temperament and ability to cover ground whether in the show ring, on a country road or out on the trail.

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Many Thanks,  Jack Arnold, President.